[87/100 Strangers]: Carlye

Our crossing paths were uncanny.


87/100: Carlye

Two of my children participate within the same soccer league, in different age divisions. Their matches are held at different playing fields across town; typically at simultaneously scheduled times. It can create logistical mayhem, not to mention disappointment. My husband volunteered as assistant coach for one of our players’ teams, so it followed logic for him to attend those matches. On only a handful of dates have both matches been scheduled apart enough that I can attend both games. On this day, I had one of these rare occasions so I could photograph at both sporting events. Hooray!

When the first match ended, coach asked for help in packing up the field equipment. Since there was nearly one hour in-between the ended match and one next on the family schedule, I had time to help take down the soccer goal nets. This is where I met Carlye, my stranger 87/100. Pronounced as KAR-lee, she is the parent of another player on the same soccer team.

Together, Carlye and I removed fasteners on the goal nets and folded them away into storage bags. I introduced myself, explaining that it was my first opportunity to do so since I’m usually at my other child’s simultaneously scheduled soccer match. I complimented Carlye on her unusual dual hair colorway of strawberry blond and cherry red. When we finished with the soccer gear, I asked if she would agree to be photographed for my 100 Strangers project. She was more than happy to oblige.

I regretted having neither my reflector nor my fixed 50mm lens for this portrait opportunity. Expecting only to photograph action shots at the game, I had packed only my camera fitted with a 18-135mm zoom telephoto lens. It was midday in the New Mexico sun. We found a nearby tree for semi-shade, and I went for it.

Carlye is an artist, in addition to being a full-time mother of three soccer players. You can visit her website here. We shared a few moments gushing over the beauty on this particular spring day. Then we went on our separate ways. Or so I thought!

When I arrived at the location of our second Saturday soccer match, Carlye pulled her car into the street parking spot directly behind my car. That’s when we realized two of our players are in the same divisions and on the same teams!

Life gifts us uncanny and wonderful “A-ha!” moments. Now you know of one of mine.

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