#foamygnome had its fun in Albuquerque.

G-NOMZ  is a special shaped hot-air balloon that was created to market a foamy gummy candy produced by UK candy maker, Rowntree. When I saw this comical special shape go up and over my head, I laughed out loud. I had no idea what it was supposed to be, but it was a riot.


Rowntrees Randoms Foamy Gnome Balloon, G-NOMZ has an active volume of over 120,000 cubic feet, and is over 140 ft tall. Apparently, he tours the world on a series of random adventures.

Americans can’t buy Rowntree Randoms, bags of foamy gummy, chewy special-shaped fruit juice flavored candies in US storefronts. There’s a launch I’d like to see.

And if you want to see something hilarious, watch this old advert from the manufacturer for Rowntree Randoms:


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