Bright and Bombed In The Blue Hour

This is another view of early morning activity during the Dawn Patrol brigade at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  Here we are up close to the hand full of hot-air balloons lit up before all others. It is the blue hour, and the illumination of the balloons is so bright, one might think it’s just oncoming twilight.


This long exposure gave me some nice ghosting.



When you are creating a long exposure, there is nothing more annoying than another fellow photographer who plants infront of your tripod (REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS, PEOPLE!!!) to bomb your line of sight.  This tall chap in the cap did it to me, and, of course, he stood still so there wasn’t any chance of making him look transparent.  It’s par for the course at Fiesta. You only have so many opportunities to get certain shots before the colors of the sky start to warm up when the sun begins to rise.

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