A Rainbow Slinky

A few days in a row we had late afternoon monsoon showers. Other than the desperately needed moisture, the additional reward was the fully realized rainbow.  I dropped the preparations for dinner and hustled to the nearby park to enjoy this temporary treasure.


Monsoon Rainbow | August 15, 2016 | 1/125 sec; F/18; ISO 100;22mm

Technical notes: this panoramic exposure was made in post processing by compiling 9 panned images into one. Each shot was made hand-held, and the exposure settings were manual. I used my wide-angle lens.   As I framed and overlapped the individual shots, I was fighting the direction of the moisture, which kept moving eastward. Eventually, the rainbow  dissipated from the left side: like a slinky arching and landing on the ground. The clouds and rain above the rainbow moved in the same easterly direction. The sun was directly behind me, setting low on the horizon.

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