Balancing Bob, Street Performer

What was all the fuss about? A crowed gathering around a street performer on Revere Beach Blvd. I searched for an open spot where I could have a better view of the act.


Somehow, I managed to find an open spot, on the ground level, directly in front of the street performer. I believe he goes by Balancing Bob. With feigned assistance from an audience volunteer, Bob mounted a 3-wheeled giraffe unicycle.

Balancing Bob, Street Performer

Balancing Bob Juggled Knives While Aboard His 3-Wheeler Unicycle

Bob asked the volunteer in the gray shirt to toss up some metal knives to be juggled. Bob was sweating loads.  The fellow in the blue shirt was another volunteer who was asked to hold in place a stack of 5 metal tubes on a platform. In Bob’s final act, he climbed upon a wooden board, which he placed on top of the stacked tubes. Bob used a metal rod to gain his footing and confidence. Once he achieved balance, he let go and hung out on the stack of tubes. If memory serves, Bob counted out loud to 9 seconds before the tubes spilled out, and he jumped to his feet on the pavement.


The Silver Tubes Rolled Independently

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