Missed My Stranger

If a person is  watching you take candid street shots, and may even appear in some of them, and she is still smiling in your general direction, there’s a pretty good chance she will agree to be photographed. People communicate so much with non-verbal body language so look for the clues and hints that are given in the prospects out there.

The young woman on the top left corner would have made a great subject for my 100 Strangers project: I liked her fresh tulip pink lipstick color and lovely long hair.She passed the screen test here :-).  And now you’re asking me why I missed the shot.

The truth is: when I’m keeping company with my own children, the role of Mummy takes priority over my role as Stranger Portrait Taker.  I miss many decent opportunities.


Subjects for Stranger Portraits Provide Hints About Openess

This is a typical scenario:  one of my kiddos needs a potty break. I snap the candid and then we enter the restroom. Business is finished, and we return to the outside, only to discover the group that contained the prospect has moved on.

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