[79/100 Strangers]: Chelsea

After photographing the morning launch of several hundred hot-air balloons, I departed from the grassy field and walked along Main Street, the giant pedestrian lane lined with vendors of food and event memorabilia. Eventually, I reached the children’s amusement zone. Along the way, I took some candid street photos. Then I encountered this subject and her friend; my previous stranger No.78.


[79/100 Strangers]: Chelsea | Flickr Explore 12-15-2015

This is Chelsea, my 79/100 strangers. She is 27 y/o and described herself as, “Intelligent. Likable. Funny.” It was Chelsea’s eye contact that triggered my approach for a voluntary stranger portrait.

When I considered the two women, I was curious if they were sisters or just BFFs. They shared an obvious affinity: I noticed it with their similarly chosen dark plum lipstick shade and the similarity of their elongated oval-shaped faces. Chelsea confirmed theirs was friendship.

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