On Gesture: Soccer Snaps

I reviewed some of my favorite action images taken from the sidelines of the ended spring soccer matches.  The images picked for this post illustrate why I love having my camera at the fields.  It’s a no-brainer that I want to preserve my children’s activities. Partly it’s for me, and partly it’s for them. Who doesn’t enjoy having the mirror of a photograph to capture us when we are awesome?

Action photography freezes a moment of honest human “gesture.” I love how cameras preserve body language and gesticulation; just like with figurative drawing, The image bottles up an instance where the subjects’ posture or movement expresses an idea, meaning or emotion.

vs 11212-7317-small

Fear/ Intimidation








TerrorDactyls-Game3- Elan-7024-small

Offense Vs Defense






Balance / Levity

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