Slot Machine For Two

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Big Bang Theory Slot Machine For Two

We are HUGE fans of the American television sitcom named, The Big Bang Theory. The writers created a group of characters that depict highly intelligent physicists/engineers/astronomers, etc., from Cal Tech as they land in many awkward social situations. One of the non-science minded characters is a fan of blowing off steam in Las Vegas. This paved an opportunity for slot machine manufacturers to license the show and crossover into their casino recreations.

Walking through a casino on the Strip, I observed several Big-Bang-Theory-themed slot machines casting their spell on seated gamesters. For viewers of the program, yes, the interactive gaming screenws intermittently exclaimed the word, “Bazinga!”

Gambling is entertainment for some, and for many it is a social activity. I noticed this gamester seated at a machine designed for a pair of players. His partner chair was empty. I was merely an observer to it all

It’s important to remember that slot machine payouts are based on luck, not skill. Every play on a slot machine is an independent event. If you take the plunge at a slot machine, chances are high that you’ll drop a lot of money into the machine while seeing very little payback. Nevertheless, the activity may be engrossing for a spell. At least make sure to find a machine that’s equipped with a comfortable chair and amusing video graphics and lights that are fun to watch.

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