[73/100 Strangers]: Dezaree


[73/100 Strangers]: Dezaree

This subject was seen twice in one afternoon. First, she passed me in the opposite direction while going through a Zoo exhibit. I couldn’t break away as I had done earlier with stranger No.72.

The second time I saw her was after exiting the Zoo. On the walk to the parking lot, my toddler wanted to rest on a rock that was a few feet away from where this person happened to be sitting; a loading zone for group transportation pick-up.

I noticed a slate-colored stucco wall within steps of our position and imagined it as a perfect portrait background. I liked the chance of shooting with a plain, colored background for a stranger. Usually I find my subjects outside in open spaces without the aid of nearby solid walls. It was upon seeing her beautiful face that I walked up and asked her to participate.

It was helpful that could flip on my camera’s LCD to provide a visual aid: my raw stranger pictures of Deborah (No. 72). Coincidentally, this new stranger was part of the same chaperone team for the Ventana Ranch field trip.

Meet 73/100 strangers, Dezaree. I had two minutes with her before her bus arrived to retrieve the school group. She is a 29 year-old mother of an energetic 7 year-old daughter who attends Ventana Ranch Elementary. Dezaree works three jobs: one at an office; one at a financial institution; one at a local casino. She described herself as funny, loud and outgoing. Dezaree told me that if she were to meet her 19 year-old self today, she would tell her, “Don’t sweat the small stuff because everything works out.”

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