Nothing To Do With Food

The words shown in today’s photo are painted on a wall in a restaurant, which shall remain nameless, in the Downtown Las Vegas 18b neighborhood. The wall is adjacent to the kitchen. The cooks in the kitchen behaved as if they would rather be sitting in a field of flowers than preparing my family’s meal order.


When Life Gives you Lemon Water…

We patronized the place based on numerous rave reviews by “verified customers” who cultivated its excellent reputation. Unfortunately we were underwhelmed and disappointed.  For more than 30 minutes, I had two things to look at while waiting for my over-easy eggs and corned beef hash: 1) my children impatiently playing a sloppy game of table hockey with the ice cubes from their lemon waters; and 2) this wall.

It drove me bonkers noticing that the artist didn’t use apostrophes on the countless appearances of the contraction, “I’ll.” Adding insult to injury was that many of the sentences didn’t begin with the use of a capital letter.

Despite my exasperation with the poor of use of grammar and sentence conventions, the phrase repetition, “I’ll see you in the flowers,” provided a soothing, mantra-filled sibilance.

What’s the photographic takeaway? Find the silver lining, people. Take a picture of it.

One response to “Nothing To Do With Food

  1. The lowercase and uppercase I with no apostrophe was just nuts! Why didn’t they just write see u in the flowers. Duhhhhh….


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