A Snap Mamma Moment

A rocking chair is filled with a toddlers toys

Naomi’s Babies

Today’s post is a candid moment from my real life as a Snap Mamma.

I had been sorting laundry in an area twenty feet away from my three year-old who was playing quietly by herself. I came upon this wonderfully horrible scene and she greeted me pleasantly.

“Hi mummy,” Naomi said. “These are all my babies.” She pointed to her tower of toys.

She managed to stuff into our rocking chair all her hand puppets, plush stuffed animals, mermaid and fairy dolls, Barbies, My Little Ponies, Sesame Street characters and an alphabet phonics electronic pull toy.  I was impressed by Naomi’s diligence and display of spacial reasoning to keep all her toys in a bind; to prevent them from spilling upon the floor. Of course, I grabbed my camera to preserve this amusing moment.

In post processing, I added vignetting and a field blur to lend the sense of tunnel vision I experienced at the shocking sight of Naomi’s efforts.

Sometimes we needn’t leave the house to find a candid moment worth preserving with a photograph.

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