Zero-waste Artist

In our last post, I introduced you to stranger No. 64, Autumn Pearson.

It didn’t seem right to move on to the next subject without sharing a glimpse of the delightful artwork she creates. Autumn herself posesses extraordinary qualities and charisma.  I believe she successfully channels that into her imaginative and colorful folk art.

In her main portrait, I explained that Autumn is a zero-waste consumer who is tenacious in her effort to keep everything out of the landfill. Her creations are made with materials that could go into recycling or the garbage-but don’t.  Autumn was selling various sized flowers made from carefully slashed up aluminum cans. She sprays the petals with an assortment of weather resistant colors. Some are designed to hang on a wall. Others are strung up like enormous beads, and designed to be hung like a dangling mobile sort of whimsy.

While we were in our photosession, a customer who was already a collector of her artwork, joined us and was shopping to add to her pieces. The panorama here was made from stitching together two candids to offer an uber-wide view of the artist with her collector who is readying to make a purchase. One of my Flickr friends said it was like having a “normal eye’s view of the scene,” and I agree.

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