[60/100 Strangers]: Michal



[60/100 Strangers]: Michal

This stranger was introduced to me at my parent’s home by my brother-in-law’s mother. Her name is Michal, and she is an Israeli on a leisure tour of the United States with her husband and her two dear friends; my in-law’s parents.

My brother-in-law translated into Hebrew that I was working on a project to meet and photograph strangers and she should pose for me. Before we were very much acquainted, she agreed to pose as my 60/100 strangers.

We stepped outside and into the garden so I could get some natural light on her, along with greenery for a background.

While picking out a suitable spot, I learned that Michal is the grandmother of 5 precious children. She shared her electronic “brag book” with me (the slideshow on her smartphone).  Looking at the grandchildrens’ faces immediately helped her to warm up to what she probably felt was an awkward situation.  I speak the barest minimum of her language, so our brief portrait photo session had a tone of formality to it.

Her husband stepped up to become my next subject after seeing how easy it was to stand and be natural in front of me.

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