[55/100 Strangers]: Whitney

After making purchases and portraits inside the Rail Yards Market, I stepped outside for air through the western wall’s side rear exit. I mentally noted that the area would be an interesting location for a future photo-session.

Unlike my previous experiences with the 100 Stranger project, I did site selection in advance, and only had to wait for the right person to materialize.


[55/100 Strangers]: Whitney

A few people used the side alley although they appeared to be leaving the market in a hurry. Eventually a young family came walking in my direction. The mother had a camera without a strap. She put her eye to the viewfinder and instructed her daughter to hold hands with the dad to pose for a few photos. I observed her picture taking for a brief period, Then I decided to approach and ask if she would like to be photographed together with her family.

Immediately, the woman agreed. She handed over to me a full frame DSLR. I looked through and considered the exposure setting too bright for the scene. The control dial was in a spot different than on my own camera body. I asked the woman to show me where to locate the control wheel.

In a matter of seconds, the woman revealed where to find the camera dials. I carried on expediting the exposure adjustments and while doing so, asked if she were a professional photographer herself. She claimed to be, “just a nurse who takes pictures as a hobby.” I experienced my first case of camera envy right then and there.

Using her camera I made several shots that pleased me. I asked her to look and make sure she was happy with my results. While she scrolled through the pictures I asked the woman if she wouldn’t mind posing alone for me a moment longer, but this time with my own equipment. And would she agree to participate in my 100 Strangers project?

I explained the project. I offered sincere flattery at her lovely appearance. The woman agreed to participate: quite flattered. Her child and husband stepped to the side. I directed her to stand in the middle of the alleyway and face me. I aimed down the length of the buildings to make her portrait. This is Whitney, 55/100 of my strangers.

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