[52/100 Strangers]: Ken


[52/100 Strangers]: Ken

I noticed this man walking up to a few booths at the Rail Yards Market because he was taking some close range shots of the goings on. I was doing the same. When his path reached me, we made eye contact. Even though I was Canon and he Nikon, we didn’t have a standoff as much as a reason to say hello and become acquainted.

Ken, as he introduced himself to me, explained that he was in a gentle recruitment effort to solicit new members for the Corrales Society of Artists/ New Mexico Artist’s Market (CSA/NMAM). He’s the current president of this vibrant organization. Dutifully, he clarified that anyone in greater Albuquerque, not just residents of Corrales, can become a member and participate in their three annual events: an art studio tour, an outdoor art market in a Corrales park, and a juried arts and crafts holiday event.

He asked what I was doing at the RYM. I explained the 100 Strangers project to him. Of course, it was only natural that I invited him to participate as one of my subjects. His wife joined us during my pitch and said, “Yes, he’ll do it!” Thanks to Sandy, Ken agreed to be seen in front of the lens.

Here you are greeting the face of accomplished photographer, Ken Duckert, 52/100.

Humbly, Ken told me that he has works in Sante Fe galleries and other places about town. He described himself as an artist who likes to render the natural world.

Portraits of New Mexicans that Ken has made for his personal enjoyment, and perhaps your own inspiration, can be viewed here. Not surprisingly, he captured Serendipity (my 47/100) for his set, too. His image gateway is here!

More about CSA/NMAM can be learned here.


Upon receipt of his portrait, I heard back from Ken. He sent me a note from which this is excerpted:

“…How lucky we are to have the time to pursue such enjoyable and worthwhile activities as your Strangers Project…

“I can’t think of a gallery that is more compelling than a gallery with portraits such as you’ve presented. You’ve done a superb job photographically presenting these strangers. Your gallery is rich with story and character. I applaud your project and am proud to be part of it. I hope we have a chance to meet again. Thanks Rachael.”

It is highly moving to have someone with a trained eye, technical ability, and image making experience, and who is completely disassociated from the 100 Strangers group, examine my body of work to date and offer unsolicited feedback and positive encouragement.

In this 100 Strangers endeavor I have picked up some new acquaintances, many of whom are terrific photographers. A project such as this is simply not as powerful when it exists in a vacuum.

Thank you Ken, and to everyone who has taken their time to sit with my photos, read the stories, and consider the portraits. Like the others involved in this project, we are investing in our own human capital and potential.

I expect that in the second half of my stranger search, I will unearth more human interest stories that have been waiting to be seen and heard. I look forward to meeting my new subjects, and hearing back from those of you who visit the submissions.

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