Turkey Masquerade


Lobo Sports Fan wearing Cherry and Silver

Before APS elementary-schoolers started the holiday break for Thanksgiving, student led parent-teacher meetings were held.  After our 4th-grader completed his meeting, we walked through the school hallways to enjoy a look at student projects posted on the walls outside classrooms.

Using the camera on my mobile phone, I snapped items that caught my eye to share here. My biggest enjoyment came from the pieces with a turkey theme, and the very favorites were the turkeys in disguises.


Masked Karate Blackbelt, Kitty Turkey, Princess Turkey

When my children were in first, second and third grades, they had variations on this turkey masquerade assignment. It worked like this: each student received a card stock blank of an outlined Mr. Tom; students were instructed to disguise their bird so he wouldn’t be caught to be eaten for Thanksgiving’s holiday meal.


Glammy Turkey

I’m a big fan of children’s artwork, and the whimsy of this particular assignment evokes my smile every time.


Fishbowl Turkey

More advanced students put their turkeys in masquerade and accompany them with essays explaining what they are and what should be eaten instead of them.  I don’t know if you can pinch the photos large enough to read the hand writing, so I will transcribe the essays in the captions below. Any grammatical or spelling errors will be included; they are not typos.


“I’m not a turkey! I am a fairy. I make magic and I have a Rainbow. I have wings. I like to fly. Don’t eat me! Eat apples or eat an orange. – By Juleesia”


“I am not a turkey! I am the pink power ranger. I love to spend my time saving peoples lives! I wear pink cloths and a little skirt. I wear a mask. You would vomit pink if you eat me! – By Bri”


“I am not a turkey. I am pinkolious. I like spending my time playing.  I love to wear pink clothes. I have a magic wand. Do not eat me for Thanksgiving because I might turn you into a frog. Please eat pizza instead. – By Avery”


“I am not a turkey! I am a popcorn box. I get sold in the movie theters. I have red and white stripes on my box. I have popcorn in my box. Do not eat me for Thanksgiving because I am old popcorn. Eat soup instead. – By Scarlett”

I couldn’t resist giving you a sample of another variation on the same theme. This was another “Instead of Turkey, Eat [fill in the blank]” assignment. Too precious, they are.


Hailey’s bird said, “Eat Ham, not turkey!”


Alex’s bird said, “Eat Hamburgers, not turkey!”


Megan’s bird said, “Eat macandcheese, not turkey!”


I hope you are kicking back with a nice meal, and giving thanks for whatever you have to be grateful for.


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