[45/100 Strangers]: Kevin


[45/100 Strangers]: Kevin

There are many ways to kickstart the beginning of summer. My 45/100 Strangers is Kevin, whose choice was to lead a drumming circle for the occasion.

Kevin is a music arts facilitator who uses percussive instruments to transform the moods and energies of his drum circle participants.

He told me he is often invited to municipal libraries and city schools; he drags along an enormous cart that contains an assortment of congas, bongos, tamborines, djembes, snares, plastic buckets and drum sticks. Once he sets up the instruments, he leads the participants in a responsive ride of pattern changing rhythms that they copy on their own drums.

I met him at the edge of the drum circle that he was leading, predominantly as a childrens’ activity, during ‘Burque’s Summerfest in the Heights event.

We spoke only briefly after he took a break from the beats. Kevin agreed quickly to stand for a portrait. I convinced him to remove his sunglasses for this photo.

After I made this shot, he was pulled away by distraction (as is par for the course for a drummer running an event). We never had the chance to exchange emails.

If you see this: Kevin, thanks for the beats and the picture. Maybe we will see you in a circle some other time.

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