[38/100 Strangers]: Michael

I met this individual while descending the slot canyon trail at Kasha-Katuwe, aka Tent Rocks National Monument. Michael, my 38/100 Stranger, is a retired doctor from corporate medicine. He had specialized in family practice.


[38/100 Strangers]: Michael

Originally, Michael is from St. Louis. As a long distance runner, he was attracted to New Mexico’s climate. Relocating seemed like a good fit to find a community to practice medicine. Eventually it was through his practice that he met his wife, Cindy; my stranger No. 37.

“Cindy was my patient. I had to fire her so I could marry her,” he explained.

Michael told me that if he could get a ‘do-over’ for his professional career, he would’ve selected a different path; probably engineering because he was good at math.

I asked him why.

Michael said that he wanted to treat and help people. He had no idea of the tedious paperwork that would be required to satisfy insurance companies and corporate management interests. The ever-increasing administrative details were a drain on his time and interest; his keen desire was to treat patients. When he was ready to retire, he had no misgivings.

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