Monsoon Rainbow


Monsoon Rainbow seen 08-16-2015

What we are looking at today is a result of monsoon weather that came through Albuquerque on August 16, 2015.

Someone on Flickr saw this and commented that this was, “a picture and a half.” Actually, the this panorama was made by stitching together three separate images made with my 10-22mm lens.

Yes, to capture the view I had to stand in the rain. The umbrella I was carrying was a total waste of time. It blew inside out and splashed water on my lens after I had already cleaned it twice. Photo assistance while making the pictures would have been helpful: someone to hold that flimsy unbrella.

Anyhow, the weather moved from the west to the east, (left to right as across the screen) and as it crossed parallel with the Sandia Mountain range, I was there to watch the rainbow form and then disappear. I’m always happy to see rainbows.

For the curious, I did not use a polarizer filter; I didn’t modify the colors or the clouds; I healed sensor spots that were showing in the blue sky and in the dark clouds. And no, that’s not my backyard; it’s a neighborhood park.

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