Penguins and Polar Bears Are Not Friends

Polar bears live in the Arctic. Penguins live in the Antarctic. Polar bears don’t eat penguins because they don’t have any contact in nature. They’re also not buddies for the same reason. I’m sure that if they were living in the same area, they wouldn’t be playing volleyball against each other and surfing together. That’s the beauty of artistic license.


Chillz Frozen Custard (2720 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106) is a dessert shop only a few minutes from the main UNM campus parking lot. After completing a school related errand with my eldest child at The SUB (that’s short for “student union building”) I treated him and my toddler to a frozen treat. The eldest went for a scoop of chocolate. The youngest went for a swirl of  chocolate and vanilla. I went for the closeup photos of the painted mural on the shop’s main wall.

I was amused at the artistic levels of comic proportions built-into the scenes on the wall. I’m pretty sure my graffiti painting friends would say these were done by a Herb (see: dork), but the sort you can’t help but love.  If the volleyball match didn’t light you up a smile, maybe the other scene could:


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