[27/100 Strangers]: Tanner

IMG_8600 -Stranger27TannerFLICKR

[27/100 Strangers]: Tanner

In my string of soccer supporters, next up was Tanner. He is Charm’s husband and 27/100 of my 100 Strangers.

Tanner was already sitting under the shade of a large umbrella. I directed him to tip up the brim of his hat so I may see his eyes. Tanner smiles at full throttle and there was no way to tone down the generosity. Some people really do wear their interior state of mind on their sleeve.

Later on, he walked around the soccer field to track me down. Apparently, I had dropped my sunglasses in the grass near the umbrella spike at his feet.

An act of kindness.

Thanks, Tanner.

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