[26/100 Strangers]: Pam

26/100: Pam

26/100: Pam

After photographing Charm, the previous stranger, I went next to her mother, Pam. She is 26/100 in my 100 Stranger project. Pam joked with me about needing to air brush her face from the chin down. Nevertheless, she did enjoy my attention.

We jiggled the placement of her star spangled banner chair so her face would reach the shade of the umbrella. I actually took a dozen or so images of her until I was satisfied that we had one solid portrait with sharp focus on her eyes. She became quite comfortable with me and once she relaxed, and I got that head tilt, I knew we were done.

If you view Charm, you will see Pam’s daughter to judge for yourself if there is a resemblance.

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