[25/100 Strangers]: Charm


[25/100 Strangers}: Charm

Family supporters of the opposing soccer team were settling into their spot on the sidelines. I watched them stake up some shade umbrellas. Then I saw a glowing around the woman on the right hand side of the group. She was wearing a sequined blouse. The sunlight was bouncing off it. Since I’m training myself to “find the light,” and considered that she might be as close to a human reflector as I would ever find, I ventured across to take a closer look. Here is a link to what I saw, while considering my prospects.

When I approached the group of five adults and one child, I faced all of them at once. They were markedly good-humored and laughing amongst themselves when I was close enough to look them in the eyes. Clearly they were tickled when I introduced myself and explained that her silvery figure lured me over.

Taking advantage of their uniform attention, I explained the 100 Strangers project to them. My intended subject was surprised by my interest in her and ambivalent about being photographed. Her mother, who was sitting next to her, was coaxing her into agreeing.

At this point, I asked the young woman what her name was.

“Charm,” she said.

“Did you say Charm? Are you joking?” I asked.

“No, really. My name is Charm.”

“How could you refuse me with a name like that, after I walked over and admitted it was as if under a spell??” I said.

I won her over; Charm became my 25/100. She agreed to switch spots with her father, to exchange their places: she to move under the umbrella for shade; he to move into the sun.

“Tell her what your middle name is,” said Pam, her mother; the next subject in my stranger set.

“It’s Chérie,” said Charm.

“Is that really what’s on your birth certificate?” I asked.

“Oh yes. It is,” Charm said with a mischievous glance at her mother.

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