No Tree Hugging Here

Saguaro National Park. Where You Can’t Hug the Trees, But You Can Stand Next to Them.

The enormous cactus shown here, easily over 20-feet tall, is anywhere from 150-200 years old. Probably older. These plants begin to produce flowers only in mid-life, between 35-75 years old. Here we are looking at a serious ancestor. I placed my boys into the shot to offer a sense of scale.  I could think of no other way to wow you with the enormity of this established tall cactus. When you see others saguaros in upcoming posts, you’ll have a better idea of the height of the subjects with many arm appendages and flowers in bloom.


Gimme Scale | In the Foothills of Saguaro West Tucson Mountain District, Saguaro NP


Against All Odds The Saguaro Grows Upwards

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