Independence Day | 07.04.2015

We fought for freedom, liberties and independence. Celebrate it safely.


Where It’s Red White and Blue Every Day |  Tucson, Arizona

Like a wedding cake topper, this is an antique store’s roof in Tucson, Arizona. I spied it along the random road that we were using to navigate towards the eastern portion of Saguaro National Park.

We were stopped at a red traffic light. I was passenger, not the driver, of the minivan. There was just enough time to aim my camera up and out the window to make the shot. I couldn’t resist the charmingly hand-painted shop sign, the red-white-and-blue golden-winged buffalo, and the Catalina 22-look-alike sailboat with a patriotic paint job.

Marbleheaders would flip out seeing a boat in the harbor with such a whack paint job, but it’s jolly good for grabbing attention. It worked for me.

Happy Independence Day.

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