Saguaro NP | Panther Wash at Dawn

When you move around looking through a wide-angle lens, things are closer than they appear. It’s much the same as with the objects seen on your rearview mirrors in an automobile.  To get to the spot shown in this post, I hiked pre-dawn on the Panther Wash trail in Saguaro National Park (West). It was approximately 6:30AM Arizona time when I completed a series of images that would be used to make the final render at the bottom of this post.

Selecting the right view, I was moving around in between cacti and shrubs and saguaros; precarious and prickly. I moved around to find a suitable spot to make my iconic shot and while doing so, nearly walked into this saguaro. It earned its portrait.

Saguaro NP | Cactus Photo Bomb

Saguaro NP | Cactus Photo Bomb

The view of it, however, didn’t show what I wanted for better appreciation of the landscape and the sun about to peek above the mountain ridge.  I kept walking around to find my perfect spot. As the sun rose, I made a series of images and then stitched them together back home on the computer.

My final panorama is here:

Dawn on Panther Wash

Iconic Saguaro NP: Dawn on Panther Wash

This is my iconic image. It shows the relationship between the saguaro cacti on the left, and the sun rising up to greet the day from behind the mountain, on the right.

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