[11/100 Strangers]: Patricia

IMG_7088 Stranger11-PatriciaFLICKR

[11/100 Strangers]: Patricia

While I was voting for my favorite iris on display at the Early Iris Flower Show at the Albuquerque Botanic Garden, I met Patricia, who is 11/100 in my 100 Strangers project.

She is the current VP of the Albuquerque Aril and Iris Society. I gave her my vote slip for my favorite iris entry and in return she handed me a brochure with upcoming events; including the Mother’s Day Iris Flower Sale the second weekend of May at the ABQ Garden Center.

We did not speak at length; but she liked the idea of having herself photographed, after watching me capture her colleague, Susan (my 10th stranger). It was an easy moment and I thanked her, graciously.

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