Gills At the Aquarium

This could swallow a Prius in one Tremendous Mouthful. There was no appropriately sized parking space for this vehicle. The driver had to find an area in the free range back acre of the lot.

Shark Seen at the Aquarium 1978 Lincoln Continental

It Could Swallow a Prius in One Tremendous Mouthful

You’re looking at a Lincoln Continental; I’m guessing, 1979.  Full car lengths for models built from 1977–79: 233.0 in (5,918 mm). It was considered to be a domestic luxury vehicle in its heyday.

The side gills and silver color allude to a shark, and that blue top roof with an opera window: an aquarium. How appropriate that the owner was visiting the city aquarium, too.

That’s one long car from the days of disco.

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