Golden Rocket + Birthday Wish

I am told by the ladies of the ABQ Aril and Iris Society, my real estate agent and other gardeners: it is easy to grow Irises in Albuquerque. This flower is an example of a locally grown winner of a blue ribbon at the Early Iris Flower Show 2015 held mid-April.


Early Iris Flower Show 2015 |Golden Rocket | 1/20 sec.; F/4.5; ISO: 500; 35mm

I know that what constitutes as “full sun” on the east coast would probably be an equivalent to 3 hours of direct sunlight in Albuquerque. Or it’s something like that. Please send comments at the bottom for any gardeners who have transitioned from the East Coast to Southwest United States, and follow a different light protocol for their bulb growing outdoors.

The color on this flower was named by its grower as “Golden Rocket.” I think it needed something in the name about Saffron and Turmeric. Those are the colors that my eyes drink in view of the vividly colored petals.

This shot was made indoors. There wasn’t much overhead lighting. It was primarily natural light inside the gallery. Hence the semi-grainy result: I did push up the ISO. I decided against use of an external flash because I wanted to keep the softness of the window light and avoid harsh shadows.


Happy Birthday Mom! We love you.

CK: here is a unique beautiful flower for you, our dad’s beautiful bride. Wherever you are, we are certain something special is taking place to celebrate the occasion. Report back and tell us what it was!

Best wishes across the globe from your daughters; the mothers of your grandchildren,

/Rachael and Leslie

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