Live Graffiti / Streetart in Jersey City

Small changes in your day-to-day can end up opening up new worlds.


With a newborn at home, I’m up early (or all the time). Ready to go grocery shopping before our local ShopRite was open, I headed over to the Jersey City location. When I pulled into the parking lot, something caught my attention: A building covered in street art. It was the first of it’s kind I’ve seen since moving over from Brooklyn.

After posting a picture to Instagram with hashtags of the artists names, Jayne West (a.k.a. Skatemom) left a response about the upcoming live art event at that location. How cool. Bunny, our big girl, and I packed our cameras and snacks and we checked it out.

Pics to follow soon…

2 responses to “Live Graffiti / Streetart in Jersey City

  1. I love street art and follow various artists here in London. The artists are often incredibly smart and their art adds so much to the cities they paint.


    • Aviva, we agree. Back in Brooklyn there is so much of it you can trip, look up, and see something on display. Not so much in my new neighborhood. So I was excited to learn about what’s happening 3 miles down the street over in another area of Jersey City. Thanks for stopping by!


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