Sexton Plaza at Vero Beach

One Sunday afternoon, after meeting family for lunch in Vero Beach, FL, we sauntered to Sexton Plaza. It was a good place to digest in the sun.  Vero Beach is known for a particular eco-tourism activity: visitors do day tours to observe hatching loggerhead Sea Turtles*. The only turtle I saw was the painted sculpture on a median at the entrance to the plaza.


Loggerhead Sculpture

This bike was parked in the shade near the beach ramp. The woven grass baskets and wooden instrument intrigued me.  My guess is that it’s some sort of Dulcimer since it appears to have only two strings.


Palm Tree Trimmings, Dulcimer and Woven Grass Baskets on a Bike


The Sentry of Sexton Plaza

At the end of the plaza there was public access to the beach.  The seagull placed itself authoritatively next to the ramp. It is as if he’s actually keeping guard.


Rainbow Beach Umbrella

A dozen or so teenagers rode up on skateboards to the beach access ramp. They threw off their street clothes and began skimboarding.  My daughter and I took off our shoes and we walked in the sand.

IMG_3948 BoogeyBoard-SMALL

Skimboarding on Shorebreaks

We watched the kids ride on the shorebreaking waves for a few minutes before it was time to hit the road.

If you are a turtle enthusiast, “nesting season” is June- August, with hatchlings emerging 60 days later (August – October). It is illegal to walk the beaches at night, so the little hatchlings don’t get stepped on. Environmentalists run tours during daylight hours. Let us know if you enjoyed one such experience, we’d all love to hear about it!

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