She Sells Rainbows | Wynwood, Miami


Wynwood, Maimi | She Sells Rainbows

I actually have no idea what she sells. She could be fronting a yoga studio, or a clothier, or linen supplier.

When I photographed this mural covered building, I stood on the street to get the palm trees into the frame. They anchored the depicted woman in her tropical setting.

White-on-white is a challenge to photograph since the camera sensor seeks to find edge contrasts. The painted bricks and sky were not the same shade of color. I swear this wasn’t a case of underexposing the sky to correctly meter for the wall art. It was overcast. That wasn’t going to stop me from making my image. I also didn’t wish to add a blue sky into the scene with a Photoshop edit. Miami does not always give us a perfect blue sky, and I am OK letting the world see it as it really is.

What first drew my attention to this mural was the rainbow seen cascading like a ribbon from the hand into a puddle around the side doorway. As I looked closer, the black and white laced hair made me think there was a connection to handiwork from Puerto Rico, Cuba, or the Dominican Republic.

If you know what goes on in the shuttered up space, please add the information on the comments section. Satisfy curiousity.



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