Christmukah 2014 | North Miami Beach

Chanukah is a Jewish holiday familiar to non-Jews because of its usual proximity to Christmas. This year, the final night of Chanukah coincided with Christmas Eve. It made the Festival of Lights more exciting than usual. I called it Chistmukah.

Placing a lit menorah (the holiday candelabra) in a window for all to see is the traditional holiday decoration that’s expected for Chanukah.

During Christmukah (I love this expression!) I happened to be in North Miami Beach. Whereas the condominium complex where my in-laws live was once a Jewish owned majority, over time it has become tropics-loving French Canadian owned majority.  “Keeping up with the Gagnons,” is what I call their elaborate competition to light up condo units uniquely from those adjacent and illuminate building entrances with decorations to rival the neighbors.

I made these images to capture the scenes that embodied North Miami’s holiday spirit.



Christumukah 2014 | The Present on 21st Ave


Christmukah 2014 | Keeping Up With the Gagnons


Christmukah 2014 | Static Santa, Swaying Palm


Christmukah 2014 | It’s a Menorah at the Top


Christmukah 2014 | Tinsel and Balls In the Entrance Hall


Christmukah 2014 | In Need of a Solar-Powered Dancing Candycane


Christmukah 2014 | Where the Snowflakes Are Electric


Christmukah 2014 | Give me Symmetry

IMG_0889 MenorahOnMall

Christmukah 2014 | City Center, North Miami Beach


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