Selena’s Folk Art Tree

Some people beat to their own drum. That’s the case with one of my neighbors. Selena’s front yard is now decorated for Christmas.  Most homeowners have been setting up inflatable snowmen, mechanical waving Santas, head-bowing electronic LED reindeer and imitation paper-bag luminarias. You’ll find none of that in front of Selena’s house. She has decorated a small tree with a whimsical collection of tiny ornaments in red and white:  painted wooden birdhouses and twig-stuffed, knitted birds. I haven’t seen many holiday displays like this around here, so I had to capture and share it.  I adore the folk-art knitted birds.

IMG_0633 SelenasTree-FLICKR

Selena’s Tree | Old-Fashioned Whimsies in a Red and White Theme



Selena’s Tree | Ornament Detail of White Knitted Bird


Selena’s Tree | Ornament Detail of Striped Knitted Bird



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