Assignment #6 | 1/6 B/W (L)

For one reason or another, it’s been a while since I’ve used my camera. Damn the iPhone for being so portable. In any case, this Snap Mamma needs to get her tuchas back in photog shape. And, to do so, I’m starting with the black and white photo challenge from Rachael (1 assignment per day for six days). Due to workloads and such and such, I may not be posting in consecutive days. However, I dusted off my camera and am getting going.

My family and I recently took a drive up to Beacon, NY to visit the Dia: Beacon art space, an art adventure that’s been on my wish list for years! Well, as it turns out, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition. This was sort of a bummer as it was the first time I brought my camera with me in a long long time.

We spent a few hours walking around various installations. Mini art critic, Bunny, didn’t quite get some of the art on display. One guard couldn’t keep a straight face when she commented that the artwork looked like a pile of mess that should be cleaned up. We talked about how forms and shapes of objects create a sculpture/art. Though, kinda have to admit she was spot on for that particular piece and was probably the only one with enough cajones to say it out loud.

On our way back to our car we saw a surprise design gem, the Lamborghini Aventador. This is one of the sleekest cars I’ve ever seen. Plus, I also liked the reflection of the trees.

bw3 bw2 bw1

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