I Am Thankful For My Camera

First, I experienced the demise of film. Next came the in-camera phone. Now, I wonder if am standing at the precipice of stand-alone cameras becoming the future dinosaur. I don’t want to accept this prediction because it upsets me to think I will someday have to live through it.  I am grateful for my amazing camera; my hand-held, exchangeable lens accepting, digital single lens reflex camera.


Ambidextrous Photography?

The teenager above was asked to use two friends’ iPhones to capture a candle blowing moment at a birthday party. Here is how she solved the problem to take the shots at the same time. I admired her ambidexterity, although it gave me pause.

Long live photographic equipment, cameras, intentional photographers and the companies who make our gear so we can create our art with craft and unique results.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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