Ducks on the Dash

Here is an image that belongs in my slowly growing files of eccentric things seen in Albuquerque. Let’s call it the “Albuquirky” files, shall we?


Ducks On The Dash | 1/800 sec.; F/9; ISO-400; 18 mm

I happen to be acquainted with the owner of this car from an exercise class at the gym. Never could I have imagined she was hoarding a special collection of rubber ducks on her car’s dashboard. Upon close inspection, one will note that these creature companions do not feature repeats. I believe I stumbled into a curated collection of dashboard art!

Anticipating that the driver had entered a 45-minute class, I had just enough time to dash home for my camera, collect a tag-along passenger who was curious, grab my gear and go back to the subject. Were it not one of those “click-the-camera” moments, I would have preferred to reduce the windshield glare by using a polarizing filter.

Tell us please, if you have a collection of items on your car dashboard: of what is it comprised?

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