Southwestern Kitsch | Yardsale Treasure

It has been a while since I posted images that didn’t involve wildflowers or rocky desert landscapes. Today, you non-nature lovers are in luck. I’m going to switch it up while keeping you reminded of the fact that I am in the Southwest. The two images were snapped “on the street” at 6 AM while I was helping to set up a recent yard sale in Albuquerque’s North Valley.

Our children’s Shotokan Karate Dojo, NMJKA held a multi-family yard sale in the parking lot of a hardware store that is owned by one of our members. The proceeds raised were to help defray the costs for three of our members’ travel expenses to Japan.  They will be contestants in the  Funakoshi Gichin Cup world karate championship from 17th, 18th and 19th of October, 2014 at Nippon Budokan.

The donated items produced an honest and quirky mashup of gently used cast-off objects that needed to be sold, and for me, needed to be photographed.  Early birds had the best pick of the amusing treasures. Southwestern kitsch was to be had.

Here are my two favorites:

Albuquerque Clock Conversion; A Garage Sale Treasure | Too big for my walls, but a quirky clock for some lucky early bird.

Albuquerque |  Clock Conversion too big for my walls | 1/60sec; F/10; ISO-400; 67mm

Albuquerque is known for holding an annual International Balloon Fiesta every October. In fact, balloonistas take to the skies throughout the year. When I snapped this one below, I was drawn to the randomness of the ironing board, the robot and the tacky wooden ladders; a Southwestern equivalent for the pink flamingo lawn ornaments; people rest them against the stucco walls leading into their home entrances. After getting the image on a monitor screen, I was tickled that a hot air balloon made it into mix.

Albuquerque | Garage Sale Quirky Mashup | Ironing Board, Robot, Decorative Ladders, and a hot air balloon at 11 O'Clock in the distant sky.

Albuquerque | Garage Sale Quirky Mashup: Ironing Board, Robot, Decorative Ladders, and a hot air balloon at 11 O’Clock in the distant sky | 1/400 sec; F/10; ISO-400′ 18mm

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