On Declaring Independence

Hear Ye, Here Ye!

However you intend to spend this day, the 4th of July, make sure to do something to advance your own personal independence and exercise a democratic principle or two.  I’m advancing the cause by flexing my right to freedom of the press (see that 1st amendment to the US Constitution). Need a refresher? Here is a list of amendments to the United States Constitution as described by contributors to Wikipedia; the online free encyclopedia. I came across a site that explains the story of the 4th of July ; interesting, honestly.

With that out of the way, I will share that we are going to visit a national park today, and skip on fireworks. Wherever you are, batten down the hatches, be safe and have fun.  Enjoy these patriotic flags waving in the wind to you, all the way from the tiny historic town North of Boston, Massachusetts named Marblehead, where contributions to the American Revolution were made with blood, sweat and tears.

Peace to you on this 4th of July.


Marblehead: Where History Lives, Flags are Flying | 1/160 sec.; F/9; ISO-100;19mm

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