Shoot & Shuffle

A drawback to hiking with non-photographers is that upon spotting pleasing surprises along the trail it’s not always feasible to hang back alone for long, to compose and capture to perfection.  I’ve termed the effort: “Shoot and Shuffle.”

Here is how it goes. Quickly compose and capture the subjects while the light is available. Catch up with the hiking party. Go for it while you see it, don’t chimp long on the LCD screen, then double your pace to catch up with the others. This is to be done while mindfully avoiding the treachery of stepping onto a rattlesnake, backing into sharp cactus spikes, or getting one’s jacket caught and torn  in thorny shrubbery.

Today we were hiking on a nopal cactus studded path in the Sandia Foothills. My eldest son pulled me to the side and pointed out his discovery of a heart-shaped cactus frond.  He said, “That heart-shaped cactus  is better than a 4-leaf clover.” He marched on his way. I realized it was a lovely plant shape. What’s that camera for anyhow? Snap!

Better Than a Four-Leaf Clover

Better Than a Four-Leaf Clover
1/60 sec.; F/5.6; 135mm; ISO-100
Taken 1/19/2014 @ 1:38 PM

This  pair of directional signs was planted along the road leading cars into and out of the trailhead parking lot.  Drivers along the road ignore the confusing arrows and  simply follow the road curve.  I regard  these arrows as quirky and whimsical. They make me smile. I share them with you now.

Which Way Is Up?

Which Way Is Up?
1/250 sec; F5.6; 135 mm; ISO-250
Taken 1/19/2014 @3:15 PM

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