More Marigold Parade Candids

This is another installment from my afternoon of people watching after the Marigold Parade, to celebrate Day of the Dead.


Girlfriends for Life


Fairy Fantasy fits in here, too.



Headpieces and masks in sumptuous light



She was There and Then She Was Gone


Fedoras on the low riders

5 responses to “More Marigold Parade Candids

    • One of the reasons I share the photographs from this cultural event is that so many don’t have the chance to experience one of these celebrations in person. It may be neither what you’re used to, nor a subject that you enjoy. It doesn’t however, mean the subjects are weird.

      My job as street photographer at an event is to observe and capture what strikes me and hope that those who view the pictures will continue the story in their own mind. Some people may be inspired to find a celebration like this in their own community, or create their own tradition like it. I think photos from an event like this make the world a little smaller, and I like that. (R)


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